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you can tell me things (●⌒▽⌒●)ノ♡ this me

it’s october

skeleton meme army is here

i would laugh my ass off if i knew someone in real life who thought buffalo wings were made of buffalo, but it’s not really that terrible

we make burgers out of buffalo also, anyway. and regular hamburgers aren’t made of ham. and pork butt actually comes from the shoulder of the pig. head cheese doesn’t involve cheese at all. ?sweetbreads?aren’t?sweet?ew?


this means so much to me. so much

i was trying to explain to my boyfriends older sister why she needs to read harry potter, but i don’t even know how to verbally convey my feelings about this passage just by itself

R.Starr - mounts: DSC_0337 (by cliffbriggie) su We Heart It.

I think deep inside we’d all love to have a Smash game with an all-female cast. That would seriously kick ass. Take notes, Nintendo!
Can you name all characters present here?

Mark Rothko, Blue and Grey, 1962, oil on canvas
“I’m not an abstractionist… I’m not interested in relationships of color or forms… I’m interested only in expressing basic human emotions—tragedy, ecstasy, doom and so on… The people who weep before my pictures are having the same religious experience I had when I painted them.”—Mark Rothko, 1956

from 2 months ago.
I spent way too much money on myself on lush dot com and I got the package today! these things are huuge. the bubble bars are as big as my hand!
this google review is from right around the night I got fired in the middle of my shift at mathew’s (for ‘talking back’ to my boss because I called her out for treating me like an idiot)

i’m like, giddy. I can’t wait to show my boss at aya, she’s going to die. she called me on sunday after she had brunch at mathew’s to tell me how rude the server was.

*sees a girl*

"oh my god!
that’s amazing.
unbelievable *o*”


Open window, Collioure; Henri Matisse.