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you can tell me things (●⌒▽⌒●)ノ♡ this me

i’m trying to force myself to have some direction in my life but it’s painfully obvious that I have no idea what i’m doing or what I want

do people actually use those barbeque pits in parks? I mean I guess it’s not like people are gonna cook like, pigeons or human organs in the middle of a public park but it seems kind of gross


Morpho Aurora butterfly.

ben hattenbach

Aya Takano

I wish I could afford to skip work tomorrow. i’m not even technically scheduled.


Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom (Interpretation in Red), 1890, by Vincent van Gogh

i hope supernatural isn’t so fucking cringe-worthy this week. i know last episode was purely and intentionally Obnoxious, and i’m not totally against fanservice in general. but the writing is getting more annoying and less subtle with every season, and every episode feels like a filler? i’m forgetting why i liked this show in the first place tbh


A different take on the typical plant cell diagram. I decided to emphasize the vast quatities of organelles inside just one cell, as opposed to most diagrams that show and label 1-2 of each organelle.